Queensland is worth the time (and money)

You heard it from a kids’ perspective, and it’s true—Queensland is really pretty incredible. One of a kind, really, seeing as it’s the only place in the world with two World Heritage Sites side-by-side: the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest (the oldest rainforest in the world).

I recently wrote on the Tourism Queensland blog about how to realistically afford this must-see place on a budget—because let’s face it, Australia’s not exactly known for being affordable. But the two key to our experience being budget-friendly? The two little words camping and cooking.


Yep, we stayed at campsites—though really, they were incredible campsites and definitely fall under the “glamping” category—and we ate almost every meal at our homebase (which was the case with all of our time in Australia, actually).


It’s worth doing Queensland with kids because it’s pretty much the greatest field trip in the world. We learned about the 4,000 species of bugs in the rainforest alone, the 2,300 plant species (more than 670 are found nowhere else in the world), the four types of coral on the Reef, and the untold number of gorgeously colorful water life that calls the Reef home (you know—Nemo, Dory).

Giant Clam Great Barrier Reef


Tatum Great Barrier Reef




We were so glad to have a car rental during our week in Queensland—not only was it actually nice to go back to a certain normalcy, having used public transport for so much of our trip up till then—but it made slow travel much more possible. We could leisurely drive along Captain Cook Highway, picnic along the beaches, make trips to the grocery store, and explore the state on our own time. Worth the penny of petrol, easily.


Here are the fantastic resources we used to immerse ourselves in Queensland’s awesomeness—all are highly recommended:

Australia deserves its reputation for being pricey, but Queensland really is worth saving for. Fantastic family travel spot.

A big thanks to Tourism Queensland for generously sponsoring part of our time there! All opinions are my own.

Tsh Oxenreider

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